Wednesday 4 January 2017

Kale "Chips"

kale chips

Nutritional powerhouse, kale may not immediately seem like the most tempting snack but trust me, once you try these kale chips, you'll find that they have a strangely addictive quality! They have a crisp, melt-in-the-mouth texture and their salt & pepper flavour is great for satisfying cravings for savoury snacks. I love eating them on their own but they're also a good addition to salads, nourish bowls or as an accompaniment to main dishes.

Three great health benefits: rich source of iron, high in calcium, good source of anti-oxidants

Makes 1 large bowl

2-3 large handfuls kale, washed & dried and with the thick central stem removed
1 tbsp olive oil
Sea salt & pepper

1) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C
2) Tear or cut the kale into bitesize pieces and spread in an even, single layer on a lined baking tray
3) Sprinkle with the olive oil and season generously with the salt & pepper, so that the kale is evenly coated
4) Bake for approximately 8 minutes, until the kale is crisp and starting to darken at the edges slightly

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